Andrew Coy

Living With Historical Inaccuracies

Tensions Between What Really Was and How It Is Celebrated

Modern Christmas celebrations are pretty far off from accurate representations of the day when Christ was born. For example:

  • It is pretty well-accepted fact that He wasn't actually born in December
  • The Wise Men most likely didn't arrive until years later and bringing gifts wasn't their focus
  • Santa Claus, while admirable, . . .

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December 24, 2017

Write Turn

thinking out loud

Silvrback blog image

The past few weeks and months have been filled with lots of introspection. While I don’t have answers to things, I do have questions and explorative ideas. And I’ve been feeling for the first time in a long while that I am ready to begin thinking out loud.

Yesterday I read Seth Goodin’s daily post and completely . . .

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December 23, 2017


there, and back again.

Modern society is obsessed with the idea of forward actions leading to lasting progress. Perhaps I am wrong, but it would seem to me that these are particular modern concepts and have been accelerated significantly since the invention of the clock and the adoptsion of the modern calendar.

Field of Sunflowers

Calendars from antiquity focused . . .

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January 18, 2015


common and mundane

It is easy to think of transformation as a dramatic event. To external observation, it often appears so. The truth is, however, that transformation is packed full of the common and often even the mundane: the every-day decisions and action that most of the time go unnoticed in comparison to the big moments on life's stage.

Miracle moments are always preceded by countless, but essential, common ones sb_center

. . .

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January 04, 2015

2014: Thank You


At 211 degrees, water is HOT. At 212 degrees, it BOILS; and with boiling water, comes STEAM; and with steam, you can POWER A TRAIN.
ONE DEGREE makes all the difference!

What is your #onedegree?

2014 - DHF #OneDegree

Throughout 2014, there have been a lot of #onedegrees at DHF — it has, by all measures, been quite the year for all of . . .

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December 31, 2014